Life Changes in an Instant

This past week has been hard for a personal friend of mine. She came home after a weekend vacation away to find her house robbed and ransacked, with electronics and money stolen. The┬áthieves┬ásedated her two cats so they would not be in the way while they took her belongings. They went into her children’s room … Continue reading

April Fools on Me…No really

This weekend was my payday and I was so excited to finally have cash in my accounts again, but as soon as I get it at the end of the month I dread having to spend it on keeping a roof over my head and food on my table and gas in my cars. This … Continue reading

Good Friday!

Today is Good Friday and I decided to get some candy for our staff and guests who come through our doors today! The candy was on sale , 2 for $6. Everyone was already to have the day off! Tonight I am enjoying a few drinks w a good friend and getting good advice! Happy … Continue reading

Spring has Sprung!!

This weekend has been busy! To make extra cash for the wedding and for my debt I started working on weekends with a catering company. It is not easy by any means, you are on the go from the moment you start your shift. I like it because I get to learn new skills that … Continue reading