Posted in March 2013

April Fools on Me…No really

This weekend was my payday and I was so excited to finally have cash in my accounts again, but as soon as I get it at the end of the month I dread having to spend it on keeping a roof over my head and food on my table and gas in my cars. This … Continue reading

Good Friday!

Today is Good Friday and I decided to get some candy for our staff and guests who come through our doors today! The candy was on sale , 2 for $6. Everyone was already to have the day off! Tonight I am enjoying a few drinks w a good friend and getting good advice! Happy … Continue reading

Spring has Sprung!!

This weekend has been busy! To make extra cash for the wedding and for my debt I started working on weekends with a catering company. It is not easy by any means, you are on the go from the moment you start your shift. I like it because I get to learn new skills that … Continue reading

Wednesday Spending Log

This week so far has been good. I brought my lunch for two days at work and did not spend any money, cash or using by debit card, for anything. This morning hits and I wake up later than normal, BAD, and I did not get a chance to make any lunch for myself, DOUBLE … Continue reading


This past weekend I was thinking about the expenses I incured after I got paid on Friday, 15th.  I was happy it was Friday and my friends and I were celebrating St. Patricks Day that night in the city! I took out $40 cash from the atm since the minimum for a credit card was … Continue reading

Loss of a friend

This weekend and this week have been hard. A dear friend went missing last Thursday 3/7/13 and this week, yesterday, we have gotten word that she may have ended her life at the Golden Gate Bridge. Her family came from Fresno and Texas to search for her along with the community and friends. She was a smart, … Continue reading

Student Debt

Loans, private loans, parents money, and savings are all ways of getting money for school that can help one pay for college. What is always ignored or thrown by the waist side is the rules and understanding of private loans or student loans and what you are signing your name to. After you finish college … Continue reading