First Post EVER!!

This is my first post on my new blog!! I wanted to share my experiences of paying off my debt  and I found it very helpful and uplifting to have others out here in the blog world talk about debt, share experiences, and most of all be honest with how one is feeling throughout the struggles of getting out of debt we all live in.

I am proud to honestly say  that I have college debt and credit card debt.  I graduated college in 2008 with $24,000 in student loans and about $4,000 of credit card debt thanks to my shopping habits and  going out.

I thought after college I would find a great job that paid well and give me the  stability I was supposed to have. Boy was I wrong! I was 28, fully independent from my parents, lived on my own, had my own car and great friends, but all that didn’t help me breath any better when my bills came every month. I felt like I was barely breathing at the surface.

I had a steady job that paid ok, about $12.00 an hour plus minimal tips. I knew I  had to get a second job just to make ends meet. Now I had two jobs and two incomes but still I felt like I was struggling to make it all work out. I was tired, overwhelmed, and frustrated when at the end of the month I would have things paid off either partial or minimum payments and not have much left for myself. I had to seriously look at the facts. I needed help and I was scared to ask for it.

It took a car accident to realize I was in a lot of trouble personally and needed to get my shit together! It was at that point I finally went and got help and had to cut up the credit cards for good!



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