Frugal in the mornings

In the morning most people are waiting inline to get that cup of coffee, but to save money first thing in the morning I make my own coffee or tea and take it to work with me!
I learned that I potentially spend about $56 a month on coffee when I went out each day.



2 thoughts on “Frugal in the mornings

  1. Hello! I am a HUGE coffee lover and it really is one of the ‘little’ things I struggle not to buy EVERY DAY. It’s amazing how much it adds up. This week I am trying to limit myself to 2 per purchases coffees – around $9.00 total. Its Saturday and Im happy to say Ive only had 1 so far. Who would of thought giving up that yummy, brown, caffeine-y goodness would be so hard!

    • Hi thedebtbreakup,

      Thank you for your great comments!! Coffee is a hard habit to cut back let alone cut out of ones daily vices.
      Good job at limiting yourself this week. It is progress, slow and steady! I am rooting for you!!

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