Purchasing only the essentials for a month

As the week comes to a close, I look back at the bills I have paid, my back accounts, my bills I have yet to pay and my thoughts on how I can make more money to ultimately Save! I do have an IRA and contribute $50 a month to it. I am happy that it automatically goes in each month so I don’t have to worry about forgetting. I just have to make sure I have that amount set aside for it to be transferred. I do have an automatic monthly savings deduction that is a measly $25 but I feel it is just too little of an amount.

I am trying a new experiment this month to not purchase anything that is not essential. Essentials meaning food, gas, bills. I bring my lunch to work everyday and sometimes at work my manager is nice and buys me lunch as a thank you for just being at work. I luck out. I make my own coffee and also have it for free at work along with water whenever I want it. I started to work out at home since I don’t have a gym membership any longer and I have to say it has been nice to workout in the comfort of my own home not having to deal with waiting for a free machine or in someone else’s space stretching. I have also stopped purchasing books, but going to the library or borrowing books from friends. I do love the feel of a real book in my hands! I don’t have cable at home so we have just basic channels and I do subscribe to Netflix on my Ipad if I want to watch movies or catch up on tv shows. I also watch Hulu as well since it is free.

So far with my month of not spending on extra essentials I have been pretty good. I feel I have slightly cheated where I had some cash in my wallet and bought a salad or sandwich for lunch, instead of having to charge it with my debit card. I know its money I could have put in the bank but I try to have some cash for emergencies like needing to get something little to eat when I don’t have a lunch from home.

My fiance and I are heading down to LA this weekend to visit his parents and also look at venues for our 2014 wedding. We bought the tickets at a super cheap rate and we are not renting a car but his parents are letting us barrow their second car so we don’t have to spend money. I think that is so nice of them and generous!

We are on a budget and hope to stick to it this weekend while out of town. I wonder if anyone else has tried this spending experiment of not purchasing anything else but the essentials for a month. I would like to ask if you have how did it go and has it carried on into months or years??



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