This past weekend I was thinking about the expenses I incured after I got paid on Friday, 15th. 

I was happy it was Friday and my friends and I were celebrating St. Patricks Day that night in the city! I took out $40 cash from the atm since the minimum for a credit card was $20.00.

In a matter of 5 hours I send all but $4.00 of my $40.00, that included four beers and one I bought for my friend since she didnt have cash handy that night. I am owed a beer in the future. 

Saturday Spending: $14.95, for four pairs of black socks for work and a small leaf bowl I found for my dresser. Gas–$61.32- FULL tank of gas for the Highlander. I finally put a full tank for the week. 

Sunday Spending: Food-$44.81-Berkeley Bowl, $34.65-Costco. We need the essential foods and this is needed

I know I said I would only buy the essentials but the little bowl I found for my dresser was a gem and for only 4.99 I saw it as a timeless piece for my lifetime. 

Monday Spending: I finally sent in my Passport Renwal that has been filled out and sitting on my dresser, $110.00, plus $7.25 for certified mail and signature sent back. 

I went to Target for a few items needed we forgot this weekend: Bread, asprin, coffee filters and hot chocolate together was $10.17.

I didnt go out for lunch but instead brought it to work and I make my own coffee as well! I am trying to see about tracking my expenses as well this week and everyweek to see how much I spend and try and save. 



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