Night out with good friends and a Coffee Throwdown!!

Tonight I had the pleasure of taking Bart into the city and attend the BACC Latte Throwdown 3rd Series at @contrabandsf. I got in some exercise walking in the city about 5 blocks up hill to the coffee shop. When we arrived we were treated to free mediterranean food and free ice cream! My friend joined in the competition and she received a free drink ticket, which she graciously gave to me and I received a free beer, Score! She was very nice to give me her free drink ticket.

My friend unfortunately did not continue on in the  competition but gave a great try. They called the competition on twitter #coffeebloodbath!!

We had a great time and enjoyed each others company.

This week I have not spent money on lunch, I have been SO GOOD at bringing my lunch or even being lucky and having my boss buy  lunch on her! Lucky gal right  here! I heard from my coworker that since I have been bringing my lunch it has made others bring their lunch to work when they otherwise would buy lunch everyday. I feel I have begun a great new habit to the office. Helping everyone around me save and cook at home.

I did spend money on a plane ticket for next month for a dr. apt. I kept looking for deals this week and on Tuesday I looked online and Southwest was having a sale on tickets! Yes for waiting and holding out for a sale. Airline tickets can be expensive but waiting can be a blessing as online deals come up sporadically.

Total spending Wednesday & Thursday:

Airplane Ticket : 166.80

Bart Ride:5.85

Beer: Free

Dinner: Free

Skittles, snake for doing so good this week:1.00


TOTAL: 173.65



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