Spring has Sprung!!

This weekend has been busy! To make extra cash for the wedding and for my debt I started working on weekends with a catering company. It is not easy by any means, you are on the go from the moment you start your shift. I like it because I get to learn new skills that I otherwise would not in my current office position. So far I have been a server, worked on food prep, worked the food line and clean up crew. The best part about the job is being able to take home left overs.The one thing you always have to bring is Tupperware, it essential.  The main dishes and desserts are the best!  I am awaiting my first check but I will say that it is nice to build new skills and meet new people along the way. I may not have a full two day weekend but it keeps me busy not spending money but earning it.

This week is the first week of Spring and it made me think of gardening and planting flowers and vegetables for summer. I know that herbs and veggies can be pricey but we went to  a new nursery that had some good deals on their plants.  I also bought some seeds to plant flowers in some extra pots I had from last summer.

I like to grow our own vegetable garden it saves on shopping for food in the summer and most times it tastes fresher from our own garden. The amount you spend on plants saves you many trips to the grocery store through the summer! Frugal shopper right here!!

I made sure this weekend trip was for just the items on my list and nothing else. We are trying to save money and keep to the necessities.

Looking forward to this coming  week, Warriors game this week with the fiance and friends. Excited to finally go to a bball game! And in two weeks we are going camping in Big Sur for my fiance’s birthday!! Should be fun and beautiful. We have all our camping gear and essentials we do not need to purchase anything for our camping trips any longer. That saves on money.

Weekend Money Spent

Target: $47.53, includes a .05cent credit for bringing our own bag

Nursery: $32.14

Lunch: $24.47


Total: $104.14




One thought on “Spring has Sprung!!

  1. Great job on getting a second job! It will really help with the cash flow! I worked a second cafe job in the leadup to my backpacking adventure! Often it was hard, and some Saturdays I just wanted to stay in bed, but it was worth it. With a goal in mind,it really gives you that extra kick you need when you are feeling less than motivated 🙂 Keep it up!

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