March is gone and April is around the corner…literally

March is gone this weekend. Easter is Sunday and Monday is April 1st. It must be an April Fool’s joke having Easter so soon. I feel like it always creeps up on me and it is always earlier and earlier each year I get older.

cookiemonster easter

March was a grewling month, but I finished my taxes and still waiting for my return in the mail. Kind of regret sending out my taxes and waiting for my refund instead of doing it all electronically, but my financial advisor helped me w my taxes this year and he says when that big phat check comes you can put it away in Savings and not spend it right away. The money you know you have coming will not be spent. I am living without it now so if or when it does come I wont spend it.

Also this month I started a second job on weekends and I am very excited and proud of myself in getting that job through connections. I am picking it up well and learning as I go. I am awaiting my first check from them so I hope that comes this week or weekend. That extra money will go into the bank, ASAP!

This week me and the fiance treated ourselves to a night of basketball at the Warriors game! Tickets were 21 a piece and we went with a group of friends. It was fun and it was a special night because the Warriors were giving out a bobble head to the first 10,000 fans. Me and my friend, Kara  got there early and each got one. I was very excited, it made my night. I had a big lunch and didnt want to buy too much crappy food there, so I just had a slice of pizza and gatorade which cost us 12.oo. I had a basket of fries ,cotton candy, along wtih a hotdog and another gatorade  which my fiance bought for us. I think we spent together about 35-40 bucks on conscession food. I didnt want to but we could not bring in any outside food.

This weekend I am finally at home and resting. The past two weekends , Saturdays, I was working a catering gig and doing an 8-10 hour shift. It is work and fun, but all worth the extra income.

I am trying to see if I can set a goal of saving 500 bucks this next month. I feel that is attainable and a great start for a goal for me to reach.



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