April Fools on Me…No really


This weekend was my payday and I was so excited to finally have cash in my accounts again, but as soon as I get it at the end of the month I dread having to spend it on keeping a roof over my head and food on my table and gas in my cars. This weekend was a bit different. I have been dying to start gardening and take in SPRING with all the flowers and great gardens I envision each year! I was at the nursery and found a few new flowers that I wanted for our garden. I bought plants and herbs for the summer and soil. All totalled up I spent about $100.00. I did not want to pay that much but I did and now I am looking at what I need to pay for the beginning of each month. Let the stresses begin….

What is due the beginning of each month is: Rent, PGE, Car Insurance, Student Loans, Citi Bank CC and Target CC, IRA,Cell phone, and  House phone. I do not have money for all at once. It is due as the days progress in April but first things first I must pay Rent.

I was reading a blog on Friday night ( hope to find the name so I can give a shout out and credit to the site) and it talked about what to pay first when you are feeling like you have so many bills to pay and which ones are the most important. It said to work you way down from keeping a roof over your head to having food on your table. I really liked that thought process and reality of it all. Some people, like myself, are compelled to shop when we have money right away but then realize that there are more important items that must be paid for first before anything else can be spent.

I have paid out my rent and will work my way down my bills list as the due dates approach. I need to be more furgal with my money and see that as much as I want to purchase plants and items for my garden I may have to wait a little while to save up some money so that I know after I purchase items I wont feel bad or have second thoughts of why did I spend that money. April Fools on me for thinking I had it all covered…NOT!! Lesson seriously learned.

I am greatful for the second job and getting my first paycheck from them but instead of it going into my savings like I wanted it to, it will help with paying bills that are needed to be paid to continue to live.

I was so great at sticking to my spending budget it got the best of me this past week when I got paid and wanted to invest in sprucing up my garden for the summer. I know its an investment because come summer my garden will be blooming and smelling amazing and having herbs for cooking when needed.

I am still awaiting my tax return from the Feds and State..I am not holding out for that but know it would be nice to see it in my accounts incase I need some help this month financially.

Today is Easter and yes we spent money on buying food and preparing dinner but instead of buying a pie or sweets I made cupcakes for desert. I decided to not spend $20 on a delicious looking pie and instead make something from scratch and the cost was FREE! Yayy ME 🙂


2 thoughts on “April Fools on Me…No really

  1. I have a bit of a tip (that has helped me) to reign in the spending when I know I will have a lot of bills due at a certain time. I write the bill and the amount due on separate pieces of card (about the size of a credit card) and put them in the note section of my wallet – whenever I go in to get cash, I see my priorities staring me in the face! It’s just a little mental check – but I have found it to be a good reminder about where my cash from that pay needs to go before anywhere else…

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