Life Changes in an Instant

This past week has been hard for a personal friend of mine. She came home after a weekend vacation away to find her house robbed and ransacked, with electronics and money stolen. The thieves sedated her two cats so they would not be in the way while they took her belongings. They went into her children’s room and stole money and gaming items. 

When I hear a horrific happening like this it gets me angry that people can do this to others not understanding the trauma one faces with trust and feeling safe in their own home. No amount of locks or lights left on will make them feel safe in that place again. Flipping someone’s nice comfortable home upside down and into a hell is beyond me. It also makes me think about how fortunate no one was home or physically harmed at the time of the robbery. 

I know that my friend did not have renters insurance so the items lost were seriously gone and there was no way of getting any coverage for it after the fact. She is very fortunate that family and friends came together and helped her with the money lost and slowly helped pick their families home back together. 

Its a scary world out there but one can not and should not live in fear. Home is a safe place to be and when something like this happens it does not feel like a home any more. 

I believe renters insurance is one item, being an adult, that should seriously have when renting a home or apt. It is known that if you are renting you should have renters insurance that covers you as a tenant for your belongings and that covers owners if there is a robbery or fire. 

With trying to save and be frugal, renters insurance is low cost and affordable with monthly payments. 

People and followers, please protect yourself and your families with coverage of renters insurance. 


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