April is a Great Month for paying off debt

April couldnt come sooner!! By February most people get all their tax documents from their employers and file taxes for their annual return in April or sooner.

I myself got my return last week and I was very happy to finally have the money in my hands to know I can now pay down my credit card debt. I am happy and proud to say I have paid off one of two of my credit cards in full. My second credit card will be partially paid off. I will put about a little over half of what is due tomorrow. All I will have left after that card is paid off is my school loan debt.

At this time, I am now saving up for my wedding in June of 2014. Costs are now becoming more clear and I am looking at all the costs and ways to save and make more money as we get closer. I know I will have a job next year this time or earlier helping with taxes and financial documents for my own financial planner. He has graciously informed me that he wants to hire me for next years tax season. I am game for earning extra income before my wedding.

It feels so great to see light at the end of my long (and depressing at times) tunnel. I get inspired by the blogs I follow MyAlternativeLife, JohnnyMoneyseed, WhenLifeGivesYouLemonsPlugedinDebt, FabulouslyFrugirlgirlmeetsdebt, Debtroundup, and Blondonabudget.

Each day I look online see the new posts they have contributed to the days thought and support. I am not the best at posting each day but at least once a week, but  I am better at looking on my twitter feed. @LLDFME

Good night and thank you to all who talk and keep the conversation going about debt and getting out of the hole that so many are in but dont want to admit.


3 thoughts on “April is a Great Month for paying off debt

  1. Congrats on having one of two of your credit cards paid off lady! Thank you for your kind words. Those other blogs you mentioned are great to read! I couldn’t agree more on keeping the conversation of debt repayment going so people don’t feel discouraged!

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