feel like a chicken w their head cut off all week…

I have been so busy at work that today, Friday, I stayed later than normal to help an agent out with marketing. I normally work 830-5 and get the heck out of dodge!! I get to escape and leave and retreat to my home to hangout on my couch and watch some tv, eat dinner and go to bed. I have been feeling like a chicken w their head cut off so busy that I am doing three to four things at once and trying to not make a mistake or forget anything or anybody. 

So far so good! Took care of just about everything I had written down for myself. Today I almost forgot to scan a document for an agent being so busy she called me back and I realized I said I would do it and was too wrapped up in creating a flyer it came back to me when I heard her voice. I ran to get the scanned doc into her folder and that was complete. 

Last week was a hard one as I made a mistake I feel was big but fixable. I realized this week that I am very hard on myself when I make a mistake. I kick myself in the arss. I come down on myself hardest and hate when something is not ok. It is in my personality and in my sign of being a Libra. I must have things ok and balanced. when it is out of wack I am a mess!!

I am seriously learning how to let a mistake happen, fix it and then moving on w life. I am taking certain things personal and I can not do that anymore.



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